Diamond Education

Diamond Clarity Grading

Diamonds are formed under a tremendous amount of pressure and heat over thousands of years. As a result of this immense process the clarity of a diamond is reflected by its internal characteristics knows as inclusions, the external characteristics are known as blemishes.

Diamond Cut Grading

This is one characteristic where man has a more prominent role to how the diamond looks and how it is designed. A diamonds beauty is depends on how much light enters inside and how it reflects back to the human eye. This is also known as the ‘fire’ of the diamond (how it sparkles at every movement).

Measuring Diamond Carat Weight

A diamonds weight is stated by its carat which means that every 1/5 of a gram is equal to 1 carat. In relation to diamonds we buy from a typical high street, they will range normally from 0.05 carats to 3 carats. However much larger carat sizes can be bought.

Diamond Color Grading

Most of us think diamonds are colourless and 100% clear, but that is actually not the case. In fact most diamonds have a slight brown or slight yellow tint inside when looked at more closely. Diamonds are graded for colour by identifying how much colour is noticeable within the diamond. This process is again ranked on a scale by gemmologists as the colour D being colourless and right down to Z as light yellow.